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One of our business fields is the organization systems for hanging of the parts on the painting line with the use of our own-produced complete hanging, storage and handling components.

This allows:


to increase the load factor of the painting line


to organize/systemize the hanging operations


to ensure the planning of assembly works


to provide a smooth supply of parts for assembly operations

The software used by our company to create the hanging organization system allows us to audit the painting lines with confirmation of their production output and operation factor.

For optimization of the painting production our company offers comprehensive solutions for the use of universal hanging, storage and handling systems with the ability to paint all work parts placed on the painting lines. The complete hanging, storage and handling system is a set of devices for the installation and fixing of work parts in the paint production, the performance of operations for their assembly and storage. The design of the hanging, storage and handling components, as well as its manufacturing, includes several stages, from the specification writing, the design and development of the devices, to the testing on the customers’ equipment. All hanging, storage and handling components are manufactured taking into account the mass-dimensional characteristics of the work parts, guarantee a rigid and safe fastening, which excludes falling or dislodgement of parts throughout the entire process of painting and storage. The design of hanging, storage and handling components provides access to the surface of parts from all sides at all stages of processing.